“Having direction and going after something–going toward that which gives you purpose is the way. Otherwise your life becomes avoiding trouble and there is no strength in that.”     Joan Anderson’s “A Walk on the Beach: Tales of Wisdom From an Unconventional Woman”

Have you ever had the experience of really wanting to do something, yet never getting around to it? We rationalize that we don't have the time or the tools to start a garden, write a blog, or even make new friends–the kind that lift us up and inspire us. But is it really time we lack, or is it there's no viable path in sight? In my experience, the greater the desire to do something, the greater the resistance to making it happen, and the more concrete my excuses feel. So how do we break through that resistance and begin to nurture our passions?  First, we recognize how our resistance manifests (mine is a sudden passion for sweeping the floor), and then we can say "Ah ha! I see you Resistance!"

Try this exercise: Write down your goals. What would create more joy in your life right now?  Then add three possible paths that would bring those elements into your life - three different ways you could make that dream a reality. Don't focus on what seems possible versus unrealistic. For this exercise, everything is possible. Now post those three paths somewhere easily visible. Look at them daily and ask yourself: "Are the actions in my daily life serving this purpose or, am I following the path of greatest resistance?

How does your resistance manifest? What is your definition of happiness? What paths—however impossible they might seem to you right now—could lead you towards that happiness? Comment on my blog or send me an email.


       Where are you stuck? Business, money, relationship, health? Most of us get overwhelmed and stuck in one or all of these aspects of our lives, at some time or another.
What are your stories about? What tapes are continually looping around in your head?
There are ways to dig out, get reconnected to the journey of our life and start living large.
Let's start out with this revolutionary idea -
A balanced life is a lie!
It's a great concept; idealistic but not realistic.
Here's why - extraordinary results demand complete focus.  To achieve them, you must intentionally go out of balance, by default. It's more a matter of how long you stay there. Gary Keller elaborates on this in his book"The One Thing", suggesting Counterbalance to be a more realistic and appropriate concept. So if living a balanced life is about being in the middle, work and life nicely even - not too much overload on this side, or the other - then what is Counterbalance? The problem with living in the middle is it disallows you from making extraordinary commitments of time and energy to one thing, in order to achieve extraordinary results! Counterbalance is about letting the important things take precedence when they need to and getting to the rest when you can. Only don't let the one side stay there for too long!
An exceptional life really is a counterbalancing act



“Whatever you feed with attention will grow detailed, bold, and brilliant with life for you. Feed the wolves that howl on the outskirts of imagination or feed your dreams instead.” - Tama Kieves “This Time I Dance"

Most of us are unaware of just how much "food" we give to our fears versus our dreams. Those discouraging thoughts, the negative reactions, even the imaginary arguments we have in our heads with others are nothing other than food for our fears. And every time we feed those fears they grow stronger. My suggestion to you is for you to pay close attention to these thoughts—the howling wolves—and instead of letting them pull you along, recognize them for what they are: mere guardians.

Think of them as nothing more than doormen for the palace of your dazzling potential. It's their job to make sure you are who you say you are—that you're truly prepared for the sacrifices and changes that come with following your heart. And how do you demonstrate that? You choose to focus your attention on your strengths. You choose to feed your dreams.

Cultivate the thoughts and feelings that will lead you through that door.

What do your wolves say to you? What blocks you from passing through that doorway? And how do you choose to cultivate the attitude that leads you towards your dreams? Comment on my blog or send me an email


“So here’s my guess. A secret rattles your core. Some outlawed prayer for autonomy, mercy, and meaning. And every day you try to put a nice doily over your longing and just go on ignoring yourself like always. Only lately you feel like you’re arm-wrestling with a puma just to stay in control and not think those terrifying thoughts about changing your career (or life, or relationship). No offense, but I’m rooting for the puma. I’m all for the fierce love within you that will not let you settle for rationalization when a life of inspiration calls.”        Tama Kieves “This Time I Dance"

Fear has more costumes in her closet than Lady Gaga, so it's often difficult to recognize her sly face. She can come at you in her most obvious form, fangs barred, or she can come to you in something as subtle as procrastination backed by a smear of rational, responsible reasoning. Our first step towards slaying our personal dragon of mediocrity is to recognize her various manifestations.

How does your fear manifest? Probe your emotional reactions and daily habits. Recognize it, label it, write it down. And then ask yourself if it is worth it to you to submit yourself to that fear. What is the worst possible outcome of facing it? What can you do to reduce or resolve that outcome?

Now...what are the positive potential outcomes of facing that fear? How do those make you feel?



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