"When I first met Fran, my confidence was non-existent. For 30 years I was "just a housewife" in a miserable marriage, and even after it ended I was still used to being a doormat....

I had no idea how stuck I actually was, or that I could benefit from coaching, until we started talking. The first thing I noticed was that Fran really listened to what I was saying. And she asked the difficult questions that got me looking at my thought patterns in a new way.

.......when I told her that I spent most of my time volunteering for an organization I didn't even like, the first thing she said was, "When are you going to resign?" I was shocked. I had never even considered that a possibility. I suddenly saw my belief system in a new light. And yes, I did resign — a great improvement for my life...

Every time we talk I come away with a new insight — I feel like she's prying me loose from under a rock! Fran is amazing!"

Katie H.

" . . . this (coaching) has helped me to realize that I am not just a mom, wife, sister, friend, etc. but I am a person too! . . .   has taught me to love and value myself — something I haven't done in what feels like forever! Not only have I learned to love myself but I have become a much happier and optimistic person. My marriage has grown ...... as I have been able to open up, communicate, and share with my husband. I didn't know how much I missed feeling this energized!"



Lynn M.

"In our very first meeting, Frances helped me see patterns that I hadn't noticed before. And I thought I knew myself pretty well! . . . we identified one simple change to my daily routine that will make a big difference in my overall health."

Lynn K.

"You provided a combination of friendship and professional support..... and your coaching skills and ability to narrow down an issue and re-frame it in a more positive way, helped me see
my negativity, fear, and old patterns...... I looked forward to our meetings as an oasis in and I felt listened to."